Hi there! My name is Valery. I live and work in the Czech Republic. I have been painting for more than 40 years and have participated in many exhibitions in the territories of Russia, USA and Czech Republic. Painting is my great passion and I consider it an integral part of my life.

Since the completion of the Savitsky Art College in Penza (Russia), I have made many artworks that are in many countries of the world in private collections. These are portraits, still-life, and abstractions. However, I always return to painting landscapes. The living beauty of nature, the uniqueness and the charm of the city's landscape were for me the most attractive. It is in these things that I mostly find my inspiration.
I love the pasty, wide brush strokes, without the scrupulous writing out of parts and textures, which, in my opinion, carry away the lightness, mood and soul of paintings.
I'm like a lens, I let go through myself what excites me, through painting I carry these feelings to the canvas. Nature, people, beautiful landscapes - inspiration and excitement are always there, just look.

During his half century long life of a painter Valery Dementiev, representative of the new impressionism, proved to be a painter, whose goal is to show the beauty and mystery of the beautiful corners of countryside and uniqueness and magic of city landscape. Painter individually and in modern ways looks at the possibilities of expression in realistic painting. Sensitive view of the painter is apparent in all of his landscape paintings.

In the past the painter used to paint portraits, still life and abstractions, but he always got back to the painting of landscapes. What really characterizes landscape paintings of V.Dementiev the best? It is his style and a manner of painting. He works with the technique of a wide stroke, almost as if he was in a hurry, pasty. He has mastered this technique. Why did he choose this technique? V.Dementiev knows that, when he concentrates on the detail and texture, feelings and mood get lost and together with details the painting loses its spirit. It is apparent that in landscape paintings made by V.Dementiev there is a freedom of the stroke, which indicates his talent.


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